Premier - Public Relations - Social Media Department

"Premier built a creative two phase campaign for The Maze Runner securing widespread coverage across online, offline and social media."

Our integrated social team manages the social channels for a host of games, TV, film and HE titles, building and engaging with active communities via all major platforms. We amplify premieres, events and festivals, generate buzz for campaign launches and create brilliant digital stories which touch audiences.

True Blood

From weekly content plans to building bespoke apps, we’re enthusiastic, creative and opportunistic, able to respond to the fast-moving pace of social media. If it's a meme, we're on it – if it's not, we make it one. Highly skilled in all forms of digital production, we make our own imagery, audio and video so we won't place additional demands on your teams.

We live and breathe social. Get in touch if you want to find out how we can help you connect with your audience.