Premier | Durex - #DontShareZika
Durex - #DontShareZika

Premier | Durex - #DontShareZika

With the global focus on Brazil, Premier has been working with the world's leading sexual wellbeing brand Durex and the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) to launch #DontShareZika, a global campaign to raise awareness of the Zika virus, educate about its status as a sexually transmitted infection (STI) and provide direct support by handing out millions of free condoms.

The move follows an update by the World Health Organization which confirmed that in addition to being spread by infected mosquitoes, Zika can also be transmitted sexually. This means that everyone - including people in a monogamous relationship - may be at risk from the STI if they, or their partner, have visited an affected area and been bitten by an infected mosquito. As an STI, the Zika virus has the potential to travel and spread between people who may not even realise they are infected. In response, Premier worked with Durex to disseminate a global video to educate that the Zika virus can be passed between couples during unprotected sex, and have managed global PR and social media around the brand’s commitment to a giveaway of three million free condoms in Brazil.

#DontShareZika is part of Premier’s ongoing work with Durex including the globally successful #CondomEmoji campaign that called for the creation of the world's first safe sex emoji, and which has recently been nominated for a prestigious PR Week award.

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