Premier | Genius

Premier was briefed by National Geographic to conceive a creative PR moment that would help launch Genius, the channel's first ever scripted drama, directed by Ron Howard and starring Geoffrey Rush. Asked to avoid focusing too heavily on E=MC² and Einstein’s physics legacy, we were encouraged to look at aspects of Einstein’s character and legacy that engaged the media in original ways.

Inspired by Einstein's deep love of music, Premier teamed up with musicians and neuroscientists in Los Angeles to create a formula for music to fuel your genius. A completely unique recording, 'Einstein's Genius' was composed by a string quartet and musical director in LA, combining electronic dance with Einstein's favourite baroque violin. The melody was scientifically designed to stimulate brain activity and concentration, bolstered by a survey about this generation's attention deficit.

Launched with a performance and day of trials at Premier along with a stunt involving a prosthetic Einstein string quartet, the creative PR stunt generated coverage including an in-depth feature on Sky News Swipe, interview on Sky News Sunrise and coverage in The Express, Ask Men, The Tab, The Londonist,, Yahoo!, AOL and Loaded. If you're struggling to concentrate while you read this... try the music for yourself here.

July, 2017