James Bond Skyfall Train 2013

In a nod to the many classic train scenes in Skyfall and Bond’s 50 year history, Premier engaged East Coast Trains to rename permanently one of their trains 'Skyfall' and completely wrap an 11-carriage, 245 metre train in the film’s stunning artwork for our client Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment.

We threw into the mix a travelling junket from London to Edinburgh for 60 international journalists, a platform 007 unveiling of film premiere proportions at Kings Cross, a rendezvous with a helicopter over the Scottish Border Crossing, and a stunning costume and prop exhibition at the end of the journey in Edinburgh.

Working in extremely close collaboration, Premier’s Home Entertainment and Special Projects teams also tasked the Creative department with the train’s exterior and interior designs.

The ultimate result was fittingly one of the UK’s biggest home entertainment launches ever with unparalleled media coverage including more than ten TV bulletins and over 15 newspaper articles.