Durex Don’t Fake It

The FIFA World Cup inspires greater passion than any other global event, and with this in mind the world's biggest sex brand Durex needed to find an innovative and disruptive way to play a key part in the conversation and ensure that great sex and connections remained on the public agenda throughout the tournament.

Premier was selected as the perfect agency to meet this challenge, creating a campaign that drove conversation surrounding the football, hijacked the global news agenda, and delivered results surpassing all expectations in terms of return on investment and sentiment.

The campaign was based on the simple idea that both great football and great sex are ruined by fakes, and from this Premier developed #DontFakeIt, a campaign encouraging "real connections on and off the pitch" and a summer of "stimulation, not simulation". By devising a multi-channel strategy that incorporated a headline grabbing global PR campaign focusing on the shocking results of a specially commissioned football vs sex survey, real-time reactive twitter engagement during key matches, and an in-house produced viral video piece, #DontFakeIt achieved spectacular results for the brand.

The campaign was ranked as the 15th most effective of the World Cup by the Unruly global viral video chart, and an independent research study by brand marketing research agency The Nursery found that of all the many World Cup advertising campaigns, Premier's Durex campaign achieved the highest sentiment rating amongst female viewers.

The results achieved in terms of global press coverage and social-media engagement surpassed the campaigns of many official World Cup partners, demonstrating that with the right idea and the right social-media savvy execution Premier is able to deliver spectacular return on investment for clients looking to take their brand to a new audience.

Below is a selection of links showcasing some of the fantastic coverage the campaign achieved, and click the play button at the top of this page to view the #DontFakeIt film.

Selected coverage (Safe for work):

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"Durex takes down flopping soccer players in comically ridiculous #DontFakeIt ad" – Adweek

Durex #DontFakeIt YouTube ad