Farm Heroes Saga

King wanted an event which would bring Farm Heroes Saga to life, raising a smile on stressed-out commuters just like the highly popular games it produces. The theme of the campaign - which also had legs in Madrid, Paris and New York - was "Be a Farm Hero", encouraging consumers to get back to nature.

Premier's events team managed this with some style. Canary Wharf - synonymous with the hustle and bustle of the City - was chosen as the location for the event, which would promote the calming benefit of nature to passers-by. The area outside the Underground was turfed, and mini petting farm built overnight - complete with lambs, piglets, rabbits, dogs and chickens. Passers-by were encouraged to take time out from their busy day to stop and enjoy nature - spending time with the animals, or being shown how to grow their own fruit and vegetables from the experts on hand.

King enlisted the help of ex city-dweller Alex James, former bassist from Blur and current cheese and farming aficionado, to be the face of the campaign. A series of broadcast interviews were organised by TVC, with Premier targeting print and online coverage. The Star, Express, Press Association and Yahoo all covered the campaign extensively.