Miss Peregrine

Briefed by Fox theatrical to bring Tim Burton’s Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children to life for UK media, Premier conjured up two unique and impactful stunts in the capital, whilst also managing the ‘International YouTuber day’ held at the brand new YouTube Space London.

First up, a gravity-defying stunt at London Potter’s Field, which brought to life Emma Bloom’s peculiarity – weightlessness! Utilising a trained aerialist, Emma’s character was suspended four meters in the air, floating up to trees against the stunning backdrop of Tower Bridge, alongside a Peregrine falcon. Unveiled by the stars of the film Asa Butterfield and Ella Purnell, Premier worked very closely with Tim Burton’s team to create a unique and impactful stunt. Hero coverage included The Times, Independent, Standard, ITN, Yahoo, MSN, Empire and several broadcasts on London Live.

Days later, Premier unleashed more peculiar children onto the streets of London, this time The Twins. Wearing the actual outfits from the film and clutching their iconic split teddy bear, two six year-olds mysteriously appeared on the Underground, stopped at Buckingham Palace for selfies and a kickabout and fought over the teddy bears at Hamleys.

Stand-out coverage included two hits in the Evening Standard, the Metro, Daily Mirror, The Telegraph and World News Picture of the Day in The Guardian.


n addition to the stunts Premier also managed the ‘International YouTuber day’ for the release of the film which was held at the brand new YouTube Space London.

There were 15 International YouTubers present from all over the world, all with huge followings. A Q&A was held with five of the cast of the film, including the main stars Eva Green, Asa Butterfield and Ella Purnell and YouTubers got time with each of the talent for interviews to go up on their channels. Fun peculiar themed food and drink was also served throughout the day to provide more content to film and photograph for the YouTubers’ channels.