#CONDOMHERO – World Aids Day 2017


Durex challenged Premier to create and deliver an integrated PR & social media campaign that would communicate a positive safe sex message to 18-24 year olds around the world.


Following the multi-award winning success of our #CondomEmoji campaign, Premier once more joined forces with Durex to mark World AIDS Day 2017, creating an integrated PR & social media campaign that challenged 18-24 year olds around the world to be a #CondomHero and practise safe sex.

International research commissioned by Premier revealed the shocking truth about young people’s attitudes towards safe sex, including the alarming fact that more than half of 18-24 year olds globally are having regular unprotected sex. Ignorance, peer pressure and social stigma around the use of condoms is resulting in many young people exposing themselves and others to STI risk, preferring to do this than be thought of as “uncool” by their peers because they use protection. To challenge this problem Premier created #CondomHero, an integrated campaign which launched simultaneously across 40+ countries on December 1st 2017.

The campaign, which included PR, social media and an online video, provoked global debate by challenging social norms and attitudes. The campaign went instantly viral, achieving over 3.5 million organic video engagements in 48 hours, and press coverage across 5 continents on World AIDS Day. By using an authentic voice to drive earned media #CondomHero is a perfect example of how targeted and disruptive integrated communications can be used to motivate real changes in attitude and behaviour.

View the video here.