The Lego Batman Movie

Briefed by Warner Bros theatrical to bring The Lego Batman Movie to life in the UK, Premier staged a week of (literally) ground-breaking activity in honour of the miniature caped crusader.

First, little Batman was given a big day out in a perspective photo shoot across London with Legographer Andrew Whyte, which Will Arnett himself lent his voice to. Days later, Batman’s famous utility the Batarang crash landed on the bank of the Thames. The giant Lego Batarang was designed by Premier and brought to life with the help of Bright Bricks and Wild Creations. An incredibly dynamic installation combining 45,000 Lego bricks, enhanced by burning rubble effect achieved through smoke machines and underfloor lighting, it was live at Observation Point for two days.

The events gained four pieces of print coverage, four broadcast features and over fifty online pieces, achieving a media value of nearly £1.5 million. Coverage highlights included ITV London, BBC London, MTV News, ITV4, Evening Standard, The Telegraph, Daily Mirror, Daily Star, BBC News, First News, Time Out and MSN.