Niedō Kickboxing

Niedō Kickboxing

To design and develop a website, together with a supporting online advertising campaign, for Niedō Kickboxing, a martial arts school with a newly refurbished dojo in North London.


Premier designed and developed a website for Niedō Kickboxing in order to establish an online presence for the brand, helping to promote their kickboxing curriculum together with their 'Niedō is for E V E R Y O N E' philosophy.

Premier also produced original content for the site, including photography of the Niedō dojo, staff and members.

The website provides information to current members such as news, timetable updates and grading results, and also allows new members to book free trial online.

Premier continues to provide online services to Niedō, maintaining the website on their behalf and providing a supporting online advertising campaign designed to drive traffic to their website and encouraging new visitors to book a free trail.

Visit the Niedō website.