Ponti’s Italian Kitchen

Ponti’s Italian Kitchen

To design and develop a new website with online booking functionality for the Ponti’s Italian Kitchen restaurant group.


Since 2015 Premier has designed and maintained the website for Ponti’s Italian Kitchen, also providing a range of supporting online services.

Most recently Premier designed and developed a new website for Ponti’s which launched in April 2018. The new site was designed to help establish their brand as a group of authentic Italian family restaurants. A key focus of the website was to establish the brand’s heritage and culture, serving artisan food from the Emilia Romagna region of Italy.

Premier also created original content for the site, producing the photography of both Ponti’s restaurants and the food and drinks that they serve.

The site was launched at the same time as Ponti’s new booking facility to allow the integration of online bookings with their in house bookings.

Alongside the main Ponti’s Italian Restaurant, Premier also provides a supporting website for their Perini & Perini private dining venues. The Perini & Perini website is designed to give a separate online identity for the Perini & Perini bars, whilst reflecting the main Ponti’s brand. The Perini & Perini website also includes direct landing pages to support online advertising campaigns aimed at promoting the Perini & Perini bars as an exclusive venue for parties, meetings and events.

Premier continues to provide online services to Ponti’s, maintaining the website on their behalf.

Visit the Pontis website.

Visit the Perini & Perini website.