War Child – Armistice

War Child UK

To devise and implement a PR campaign targeting gaming audiences and consumers.


Premier is pleased to manage the PR campaign for War Child UK and their innovative games Armistice project – a global games movement promoting peaceful video game play in the month of November 2018. Coinciding with the WW1 Centenary, the innovative fundraising campaign launched with support from War Child’s global Ambassador Carey Mulligan.

Some of the world’s leading video game publishers contributed special content - such as inserting healing items instead of guns, hosting a 2 minute silence, or rewarding players for pacifist game-play.

Gamers can also purchase some amazing titles on Steam, the world’s largest digital games store with all proceeds supporting War Child programmes. Participating games include World of Tanks, Prison Architect and the extraordinary 11-11 Memories Retold, voiced by Elijah Wood.

Watch the Armistice gameplay trailer above or here.