July saw Premier’s film team basking in the warm glow of a critically acclaimed new release. Midsommar was released in UK cinemas to a slew of 5 star reviews and marks a reunion of sorts as Premier also managed the UK publicity campaign for writer-director Ari Aster’s first feature, Hereditary, alongside UK distributor, entertainment and production company A24 who both returned for Midsommar.

The film stars Florence Pugh, Jack Reynor, William Jackson Harper and Premier personal PR client Will Poulter, Midsommar follows a group of American anthropology students who travel to a remote Swedish village to observe and partake in their Midsommar celebrations. What begins as a carefree holiday in a land of eternal sunlight soon takes a sinister turn and the pastoral paradise becomes increasingly unnerving. Taking place almost entirely in broad daylight, Midsommar works with a visual language rarely seen in a horror film.

The film effortlessly juggles a variety of genres and tones with such utter precision you’re never sure whether to scream, laugh or cry (somehow you do all at once). Released the Friday after Glastonbury, Midsommar managed to make both festivals and sunshine very frightening prospects which is no mean feat at the height of Britain’s hottest Summer. If you have missed Midsommar in cinemas, worry not as there are rumours that Ari Aster is planning a director’s cut with an additional 30 minutes of footage. It might be best to watch it at night, though...