To fill the Love Island shaped hole in the weeknight viewing schedule, ITV2 has thrown a brand-new dating show into the mix. Premier has been providing PR and social media for Singletown, a brand-new reality show which sees five couples press pause on their relationships and spend one incredible summer experiencing single life and all it has to offer in London’s glamorous social scene. Emily Atack and Joel Dommett act as mentors for the singletons and are on hand to help the couples settle in and do their best as matchmakers.

The cameras capture the full story of their summer of fun – the new singletons will live the life of luxury in swanky apartments in London, experiencing unforgettable moments in the glamorous city. The singletons go on dates in the UK’s capital city including taking to the skies in a helicopter and taking a hot tub down the River Thames all whilst deciding if they’ll go back to their partner or stick to flying solo?

For the divided duos, the stakes are high, and the fun is real. How will our fledgling singletons handle their visit to Singletown?