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Queen Sonja Singing Competition

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Teams across Premier have been working together in a variety of roles on transforming the Queen Sonja Singing Competition’s branding, communications and international profile.

The Queen Sonja Singing Competition is one of the world’s leading competitions, attracting the best young singers in this biennial contest held in Oslo since 1988. Singers compete not only for its main prizes but to also receive coaching, masterclasses, career development sessions and international exposure.

Premier’s Classical team has led a rebranding process that has included changing the Competition’s name and project managing a new visual identity and communications strategy.

Premer’s Creative Team has worked alongside the Classical team to develop a new website for the re-branded Competition. The new website retains echos of past Competitions, which were known as the Queen Sonja International Music Competition, with a new logo and colour palette. The new website is a bi-lingual site with separate sections for Norwegian and English, and the navigation is set up so that users can easily swap languages from wherever they are on the site.

The Premier Classical Team has also been providing social media services to increase online engagement in the run-up to the 2023 Competition. The team has created a new long-term social media strategy, and is working across all areas of content creation and channel management to support the Competition throughout 2023.

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